How We Do it

Como trabajamos

Our route towards sustainable development

Fundacion Futuro Latinoamericano conceives sustainable development as an integral model that joins together in a balanced way the economic, social, environmental, political and cultural dimensions. The foundation believes that it is not possible to respond to the huge challenge of sustainability, if you do not have a holistic perspective and approach.

Our Rute

La orientación de la labor de FFLA y su contribución particular se establece bajo cinco enfoques institucionales que atraviesan todas nuestras áreas de trabajo para construir una sociedad sostenible en la región:

  • Dialogue promotion: a process of genuine and collaborative interaction between individuals and groups with different perspectives, interests and knowledge to build consensus towards sustainability.
  • Conflict transformation: a profound process of constructive change towards sustainability, connecting emerging problems with relational and structural patterns, addressing the content, context and complexity of conflicts to generate impacts on different dimensions.
  • Capacity building: a process of support, advice, knowledge-sharing and creation of new capacities for the exercise of citizenship (rights and duties), that contribute to sustainability.
  • Consolidating good governance systems: the mechanisms, processes and institutions through which the State and civil society articulate their interests, make decisions, exercise their power, fulfill their obligations, offer explanations and mediate their differences.
  • Peace building: generating values, attitudes, traditions, behaviors and lifestyles, based on a respect for life, nature, human rights and the promotion and practice of non-violence.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Institucional Approches

Transversal Themes

Alongside the five institutional approaches, FFLA works with two transversal themes: gender and interculturality that are reflected throughout our initiatives and actions.

  • Gender: A gender approach is a way to observe, analyze and transform the reality from a social and cultural construction of male and female being set in a determined context. Gender fairness implies balancing the power relationships between genders; and promotes equal rights and access to the opportunities and benefits of development.
  • Interculturality: Is a systemic process that recognizes diversity and promotes a dialogue of knowledge in equal conditions and dignity. It provides opportunities to overcome multiple asymmetries based on respect, knowledge, recognition and mutual understanding to enable the construction of synergies and fair relationships.