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Postula al curso: Utilización de la
herramienta financiera Green Value

Para fortalecer bioemprendimientos del corredor Podocarpus - Sangay


Objective of the course

1.- Analyze the characteristics or profile of the conflict context in which we work

2.- Avoid that program and project goals do not contribute (unintentionally) to exacerbate existing or potential conflicts (do not become another actor in the conflict)

3.- Minimize undesired impacts - especially negative ones - as a result of program and project activities

4.- Establish appropriate measures to address the risks of the conflict context and ensure the safety of staff and facilities


Modality: face-to-face 2 modules
Duration: 3 days
Dedication: 24 hours
Each module includes reading material and evaluation questionnaires


Module 1
Introduction to Conflict Sensitive Programming and “Do No Harm” Framework for Analysis
Module 2
Do No Harm Action in Practice:
Practical exercise on specific interventions:
– Context analysis
– Identification of dividers and connectors
– Analysis of project/intervention details
– Analysis of Means of Impact
– Definition of settings
– Action Plans and Follow-up

Participant profile

Technical teams of development cooperation and humanitarian aid institutions


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