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Meet the people who actively work to fulfill our vision, mission and objectives.

As a process of interaction and collaboration between individuals and groups with different perspectives, interests and knowledge for consensus building towards sustainability.

Pablo Lloret
Pablo Lloret Executive Director
Paola Zavala
Paola Zavala Natural Resources Management and Climate Change Program Coordinator
Gabriela Villamarín
Gabriela Villamarín Regional Coordinator of CDKN
Cristina Rivadeneira-Roura
Cristina Rivadeneira-Roura Program Technician
Gissella Cevallos
Gissella Cevallos Program Assistant
Geovanna Torres
Geovanna Torres General Accountant
Christian López
Christian López Financial Administrative Technician
Franco Moreno
Franco Moreno Communication Consultant Latin American Future Foundation - CDKN
Alexandra Vásquez
Alexandra Vásquez Gender Specialist for FFLA - CDKN
María Cristina Laso
María Cristina Laso Financial Administrative Coordinator
Diego Luna
Diego Luna Representative in Chile