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Natural resource management

Governance for Natural Resources and Protected Areas Management

Objective of the course

1.- To introduce and familiarize participants with the concepts of governance and best practices for the governance and management of natural resources.

2.- To learn and apply practical tools for analysis, planning and intervention for participatory management.


Modality: 4-module face-to-face course
Duration: 3 days
Dedication: 24 hours
Each module includes reading material and evaluation questionnaires.


Module 1
General Definitions and Concepts of Governance and Protected Area Management
General definition of governance
Governance as a dimension of Protected Area Management
Modern governance challenges
Module 2
Governance and Sustainable Development
The tragedy of the commons: a social trap?
Rationality and decision making in resource management
Module 3
Modern principles of good governance
Governance and ethics: the principles of good governance
Participation and empowerment
Module 4
Tools for understanding and evaluating governance in Protected Areas
Stakeholder analysis
Governance map
Institutional Analysis reveals success factors in common resource management
Governance analysis and action plan

Participant profile

Technical teams and environmental promoters of protected areas.


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