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TRAINING - Climate Change

Use of the Gender and Climate Change Toolkit with intersectional approach

Objective of the course

Strengthen the capacities of climate change managers for an adequate incorporation of the gender perspective in their initiatives.

Provide team facilitation tools and playful proposals to address the interconnection between gender and climate change.


Modality: virtual, 9 modules
Duration: 5 weeks
Dedication: 4 workshops of four hours of dedication
Each module includes reading material, evaluation questionnaires, virtual meetings with the different tutors and an assignment at the end of the module.


Module 0
Module 1
Climate Change from a multidimensional viewpoint
Module 2
Module 3
Gender and Climate Change
Module 4
Gender Mainstreaming in Climate Change Management
Module 5
Gender analysis in climate change initiatives
Module 6
Climate Change Projects with a Gender Approach: Diagnosis and Action Plan
Module 7
Budgeting, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation of Gender-Sensitive Climate Change Projects
Module 8
Gender Sensitive and Inclusive Communication and Language in Climate Change Management
Module 9
Boundaries for Gender Equality in Climate Change Management

Participant profile

State and non-state actors seeking to strengthen capacities and knowledge for gender mainstreaming in climate change initiatives


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