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Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) CDKN is a global alliance whose objective is to support decision makers in developing countries in defining and implementing climate compatible development policies. CDKN's Knowledge Accelerator Program focuses on providing key knowledge to foster climate action. CDKN adapts the wealth of evidence and learning from its first eight years to generate knowledge and tools to assist policy design and implementation at national and sub national levels. FFLA serves as the Regional Facilitator for Latin America for CDKN's Climate Alliance. Learn more here Evidence on climate change impacts on children, adolescents and youth - UNICEF The development of this consultancy with DATALAT for UNICEF has the objective of "Generating evidence on the impacts of climate change on children, adolescents and youth in Ecuador, in relation to education, health, water and sanitation, including cross-cutting issues (gender, interculturality, disabilities) as input for the formulation of the Fourth National Communication of Ecuador (4CN)". Learn more here Sustainable Forest Management in the Sangay - Podocarpus Corridor He project expects to strengthen capacities in the Sangay-Podocarpus Corridor for sustainable forest management. Special emphasis will be given to promote the management of non-timber forest products, supporting ongoing local and national initiatives.

Through technical assistance from USFS experts, as well as FFLA in processes of facilitation and articulation of initiatives in Ecuador in this area.
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National Adaptation Plan - PLANNAC Consultancy for the design of articulation mechanisms and procedures for the formulation, approval, monitoring, evaluation, updating and implementation of the National Climate Change Adaptation Plan. Learn more here GWP Uruguay Consultancy for the development and implementation of an awareness and capacity building strategy on gender and climate change focused on NDC actors - adaptation component, based on the toolbox for capacity building of climate change projects. Learn more here PNUD - Chile Consultancy for the development of a training course and tools on gender and climate change for staff of the Ministry of Environment of Chile and other related public agencies. Learn more here CEELA Project to achieve the reduction of CO2 emissions in the building sector in Latin America and improve the thermal comfort and quality of life of the occupants, particularly the most vulnerable and economically disadvantaged population. Learn more here Adaptation Fund Network The project seeks to transform the AF- NGO Network into a legitimate and transparent permanent mechanism through which civil society can have a voice and contribute to strengthening the international adaptation landscape with a focus on the AF and its policies, programs and projects. Learn more here Fondos de Agua Sostenibles Los Fondos de Agua han logrado influir positivamente en la sociedad y el ambiente como un mecanismo exitoso de protección del recurso hídrico y se constituyen como una plataforma de gobernanza que promueve el acceso equitativo de agua limpia y segura. Un Fondo debe considerarse sostenible cuando logra garantizar rentabilidad financiera, posicionamiento institucional y apropiación local a largo plazo—confianza en el mecanismo—y demuestra su contribución con los objetivos para los que fue creado. Conoce más aquí